Here is a quick overview of the people we often cooperate with to animate and fit every need

Li Yedan


She worked in the environmental protection industry for many international NGO for more than ten years. She participated in international environmental policy research, has rich field research experience. She now take part in multi-lingual training courses related to nature education and environmental conservation she works with local and international schools and preschools.

Jean Jacques Dennetiere


Specialize in education and sports science, specializing in children's education for more than 30 years; he founded the non-profit organization Carpediem, giving a second chance for children with family and justice issues.He is recognize as an expert in France, and is committed to fair education

Isabelle Lardy

Early childhood educator 

Specializing in children's education for more than 20 years. She majored in psychological intervention for children with social problems in Paris. In 1991, she founded the non-profit organization Carpediem in South France for children with family and justice issues. She cooperate with many French primary and secondary schools to conduct natural education courses.

Camille Chanlair

Natural exploration teacher 

French natural exploration teacher, one of the founders of the Southern French Nature Education Center. He has been engaged in the eco-tourism industry for more than ten years. He is now teaching natural exploration courses in French School, respecting the nature of each children, developing interest while maximizing individual self-awareness and encouraging independent learning.

Louis Bonnet

Nature Guide

French natural education guide, specializing in nature education, forest conservation and management, providing nature education courses for many primary and secondary schools in South France. He majored in forest and ecosystem management with a special degree on kid animation, he has various diploma mountains guide, snow safety, wilderness protection issued by the French government 

Daniel Villanova

Nature Guide

French nature education guide, engaged in natural education for primary and secondary school students for more than ten years. It has numerous teaching qualifications (such as mountain, diving, first aid, skydiving and so on) issued by the French government. He has many successful field rescue operations involving many countries. 

Marie Laure Allain

Preschool Director

National diploma of childcare nursery, she worked with infant and early age child in local hospitals.Since 2008, she has been a childcare specialist in School, and since 2010 she is preschool-director in south of France.

Jean Sebastien Batailer

Graphic artist & Photo

He has been a photographer and graphic designer for several French clothing brands.In 2009, he specialize in extreme sports and nature photo, and he is regularly publish in many magazines. 

Rose Combe

Educative Farm

She was a natural education teacher for 3-9 year old students at Steiner Waldorf School in France for more than ten years. After that, she started her own educative farm. For 25 years, she focuses on food and agriculture education, farm animal rights and organic farming for children.

Bertrand Combe

French Food Chef & Teacher

More than 15 years of experience in international five-star hotels and executive chefs of French restaurants.He won several awards for his cooking technics and was interview by many European and Asian mainstream media. He now works for catering companies around the world managing food for events such as football world cup, he also teach student in South of France management and cooking technics.

Celine Hirondelle

Language teacher

Professor of French and Italian language. Majored in Italian Literature, Master of Arts in Language Science. Fluent in Italian, Spanish, English, French, Latin. Multilingual teaching for students aged 3-12 in the UK, France, Italy and many other countries. More than ten years of teaching experience.

Andrea Rincon Otero 

Film & Theater

Film director and production manager, with many years of experience as a film director, screen director and filmmaker. She produced music videos in Miami for many diverse artists. She is currently living in South France and she is engaged in children's theatre and movie education.

Behnam MAANI

Painter and Visual art

French painter. Nearly forty years old, he studied under the famous portrait painter Katouzian, he specialize in painting portraits, free styles, and collages.

Geraldine Carel

Dance teacher

Ballet and jazz professor with a French national diploma, choreographer for several French dance companies and has served as chairman of In6Danse art and dance company for nearly a decade. She founded an art and Dance school in 1999 she is now the director and the art manager. She organize children Dance Show every years to promote education in Jazz and Ballet dance.

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